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10 Easy DIY Diwali Home Makeover Ideas: Transform Your House To A Home This Year

Easy DIY Diwali Home Makeover Ideas


Diwali is around the corner and it is this time of the year that we tend to look at our house and feel that we could do something about it. Every Diwali, we get new clothes for ourselves, but it is impossible to paint our homes, how we like every year on year.

This blog is not about buying decorative lights and diyas hand hanging them in every nook and corner. Rather this is about how to give your home a new look that will continue to please you aesthetically all around the year. Stay till the very end for a bonus tip that will help you immensely.

Here are 10 brilliant easy DIY Diwali Home Makeover Ideas.

1. Paintings

What better way to create something beautiful out of nowhere? Many of us do not have the artistic touch in us, but that should not discourage us from trying out something new. An easy way is to create a bunch of paintings that have the same theme be it nature, feelings, noir, or quotes. Yes, you read that right! Color your way into canvases to just basically write your heart out and hang them on the blank wall that was sitting idle for so long.

You can also paint anything at all and then call it abstract art and flaunt it in front of your friends. There are many canvases of different sizes and shapes as well available for you to try out. Always go with Acrylic colors and a good set of brush to start with. Remember, the colors and brushes may be a bit costly but they are a one-time investment.

Canvases can be a pinch on the pocket too, but you can use round or square disposable plates as well for the base.

Here are some Canvas Boards for Painting

Here are some popular Acrylic Paints

2. Paper Straws

Don’t think me weird as yet. Just hear me out. Create paper straws by rolling newspapers and coloring them as per your choice. Told you the acrylic color and brush will come in handy. These straws will become the building blocks of something great and wonderful. Refer to the picture above for some examples of what you can do.

You are surely going to love the abstract objects that you create and will surely give your home a funky look.

3. Wall Paper

No matter what you create, there will be some walls in your home that may need some painting or touch-up for various reasons. It could be due to some dampness or the wall has become the canvas of your naughty little one. Don’t be worried. You can easily change the look of the whole wall or part of it by simply applying self-adhesive wallpapers.

These crafty little rolls sure offer the punch but go super easy on the pocket.

Here are some Self adhesive wallpapers for you to check out.

4. Plants

Many households have plants either in the garden or terrace, but when it comes to indoor plants, people do not seem to appreciate the level of beauty and freshness, indoor plants bring to the households. Many indoor plants bring good luck and also raise the overall aesthetic and luxury quotient of homes. Place indoor plants in strategic locations to bring out the best of our home or to cover up the blank corner of the living room.

You may spend some money on planters or choose to reuse the old wine/glass bottles that you plan on cleaning up before Diwali. This is one of my favorite Easy DIY Diwali Home Makeover Ideas.

5. MDF Boards

If you are too lazy like me or too tired after your day to work on canvas or are not confident with Wall Papers, then these self-adhesive Acrylic MDF Boards are the perfect solution for you. Just open the pack and stick them around as per your choice haphazardly or in a half circle fashion or create your own designs.

Here are some MDF Boards for walls on Amazon for you to check out.

6. Wall Stickers

Printed wall stickers are a great way to express yourself. These go beyond what wallpapers offer and express a different story altogether. You can choose from Krishna, Buddha or Abstract designs to go well with your vibe.

Here are some Vinyl Wall Stickers on Amazon.

7. Photos

Always wanted to create a photo album but no one looks at a photo album these days. You can print your favorite snaps from your printer itself, cut them out, and can stick them in photo frames, or can just attach them to a wall using double tapes. Trust me, I have a whole wall of my pictures at home with over 30 photos of me and my family from all my vacations. It gives a cozy and personalized feel to my house.

This is the easiest Easy DIY Diwali Home Makeover Ideas of all.

8. Bookshelf

If you are also a bookworm like me, you probably have a lot of books just lying around on the table or bedside. It is high time for you to get a small bookshelf for yourself and your books. You can place it in any corner of your living room and it will increase the luxury quotient of your home like never before. I myself have ordered one from Amazon this year.

Here are some Bookshelfs for you to check on Amazon.

9. Balcony

Probably the most undervalued place in your home. Mostly used to dry your clothes or you may just stand around for some time in the evening or morning. This Diwali you should try giving your balcony the look it deserves and flaunt to your jealous neighbors your new look of the home. You can start by simply laying artificial grass on the floor and adding some plants or small chairs to have a refreshed morning beverage.

Here is a curated list of Balcony Decoration Items for you.

10. Re-arrange Furniture

If you do not want to spend a single rupee on decoration but still want to spice up your home, here is a great idea. Re-arrange your furniture around the rooms a little bit. Not only it will help you get out the long-lying dust, but also will give your home a refreshed look. This has to be the most economical of Easy DIY Diwali Home Makeover Ideas.

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Bonus Tips

New Lights

Buy some new lights for your home. The lights lose power after years of usage and intensity. You can buy any regular tube lights or LED lights. The new lights provide additional intensity and glare needed to make your home bright and pleasing.

Command Strips

If you are worried about nails, or adhesive tapes destroying your loved walls and their paint, or simply your house owner does not want you, the tenant to drill any holes. Don’t be disheartened. Command Strips or Hooks are a great way to overcome this issue. They need hardy 1 minute to install and about 30 seconds to come off.

They support very heavy weights of up to 2.5 Kgs each. Do not worry about objects falling. I myself use them and can vouch for their stability. They come off without leaving any residue or glue.

Here is the link for Command Strips and Hooks

Hair Dryer

If you have a hair dryer then you can get rid of unwanted residue from sticker adhesive or double tapes. Just blow the hair dryer on the object before peeling it off from wall. The heat will ease off the adhesive making it easier to peel off as well.

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